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Family of Origin and Couplehood

We have all heard that marital relationship is a dance between husband and wife. But is there more to it? Bowen family systems theory tells us that it is an evolution of emotional process that the couple inherits from their own family of origin over generations of adaptation. This process defines how we function within a relationship and affects our coping mechanism in times of stress, conflict and crisis. It impacts how we see ourselves and continues to affect our thoughts, behaviours and motivations in relationships with our significant others.

This course will help us to understand how the emotional process takes place in our family of origin that affects our couple relationship. We learn to understand its patterns, break the fixations and form new pathways for our own nuclear family.

Through the practice of Bowen family systems theory, we can strive to be a self without being selfish, balance our desire of togetherness while keeping our individuation, and strengthen resilience in the midst of difficulties within our marriage.

This course is for beginners of Bowen theory as well as those who know nothing about Bowen theory. You don’t need to come as a couple. Bowen believes that one person’s change will bring about a change within the whole system.

The medium of instruction is in Cantonese. This workshop aims to promote thoughtful discussion and self-reflection. The group size is small and there will only be limited seats for the whole course.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the evolution of emotional process
  • Understand the 4 horses of coping mechanisms
  • Understand the functioning of self within the relationship
  • Formulate strategies to break undesirable fixations
  • Strengthen selfhood and couplehood
Course Content
  • Couplehood as an emotional system
  • Emotional process through generational adaptations
  • Functioning of self in the family
  • Coping mechanisms in relationships
  • Differentiation of Self
  • Growing towards differentiation
Course Details
Course Code: PE01/15
Date & Time:             

Aug. 18 – Nov. 3, 2015 (12 Tuesdays)  7-9 pm  

Venue:  International Social Service Hong Kong Branch
6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese, supplemented with English (handouts will be in English)
Targets:  Married persons (does not have to come as a couple)
Fee:  HK$3,600 (per person) $ $7,000 (per couple)
No. of Seats 16

Ms Berenice Lee

Ms. Berenice Lee first learned about the Bowen Family Systems Theory in her Master of Counselling course in Australia in 2006. She has been an active participant in various courses, workshops and conferences with ISSFI since 2010. She is a member of the Think Tank Committee at the Faculty right from the start and has helped to organize programs for the Circle of Friends and Bowen conferences in many ways.

Berenice holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Master of Arts in American Literature and Culture and Master of Counselling. She specializes in marital and family relationship counseling, parental guidance, personal coaching, personality analysis, individual psychotherapy and workplace dynamics. She has a private practice in Hong Kong and uses the Bowen theory as her framework that a person’s understanding of the effects of reciprocity will bring about a significant change for one’s whole family and the workplace. 

Berenice has lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, England and Australia for a number of years. She has seen how the theory can be applicable in any culture across all walks of life and is enthusiastic in spreading the knowledge of this theory to improve relationships and mental well-being to the general public.

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