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ISS-HK congratulates Mr John Lee for being elected the sixth Chief Executive of HKSAR

ISS-HK extends sincere congratulations to Mr John Lee for being elected as the Sixth Chief Executive of HKSAR with majority votes. Mr Lee wins the trust of our Country and support from different sectors in Hong Kong, and ISS-HK has high hopes that he and his team will bring about essential changes to improve the livelihood in Hong Kong and attend the urgent needs of the underprivileged.

ISS-HK started working with Mr Lee on the “Administering and Delivery of Assistance for Non-Refoulement Claimants” Project when he was Under Secretary for Security in 2012. Mr Lee and his team was very supportive of the Agency’s work, and tried to balance the needs of Hong Kong citizens and the service users. ISS-HK is thus confident in his leadership and hopes that he can unite the city.

In his election manifesto, Mr Lee pledged that he will boost housing supply, provide aid to children in poor families living in subdivided units, improve on residential care homes for the elderly and persons with disabilities, enhance general welfare for the elderly, and create more opportunities to the youth - all targeted measures addressing the core issues of Hong Kong. ISS-HK is hopeful that Mr Lee will guide Hong Kongers out of political disputes and COVID-19 pandemic with sound governance, and start a new chapter for Hong Kong.

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