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International Social Service (ISS)

Founded in 1924, the International Social Service (ISS) is an international NGO without political, racial, religious or nationality bias with a General Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.

Thanks to its extensive Network of Branches, Affiliated Bureaus and Correspondents in more than 120 countries across 7 continents, ISS is unique in its ability to identify and protect children and families that are separated across two or more countries or territories as a result of migration, displacements, conflict, asylum and refugee issues through inter-country social work assistance and international coordination efforts.

ISS Hong Kong Branch (ISS-HK)

ISS was established in Hong Kong as a headquarters delegation in 1958. In January 1972, ISS Hong Kong was formally admitted as a Branch by the International Council of ISS and on 9th February 1973, it became locally incorporated. ISS Hong Kong is a company limited by guarantee.

As an integral part of the ISS worldwide network, ISS Hong Kong works closely with other ISS units around the globe in providing inter-country social work and cross border social services to needed children and families between Hong Kong, Mainland China and across countries. It has established a strong reputation in serving migrants (Chinese and non Chinese), divided families and cross border families as well as asylum seekers and refugees. In response to the local community’s needs, it also provides an array of services for families, children, youths and the elderly including adoption, foster care, small group home, integrated family service, school social work etc.

ISS Hong Kong is an active service provider with an international perspective and worldwide connection. One of our strengths is our ability to provide social work assistance across borders, races, ethnicities and beliefs.