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ISS-HK’s new programme to provide timely aid to distressed cross-border students amidst the pandemic

International Social Service Hong Kong Branch (ISS-HK) received funding of HK$1.4 million from the Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR Government for the “Pilot Support Programme for Hong Kong Students Staying in Shenzhen under the COVID-19 Epidemic – Learning Support” and “Pilot Support Programme for Hong Kong Students Staying in Shenzhen under the COVID-19 Epidemic – Psychological Support”. The schemes aim at providing all-rounded services for cross border students, most of which have not been attending their schools in Hong Kong since the outbreak of the pandemic. It is hoped that their communication, social and self-management skills could be re-established and a support network could be built among these students.

The four-month programme, which is expected to benefit around 1,000 cross-border students, will kick off in May 2021. In-person classes for students ranging from Primary One to Secondary Form Six will be offered to strengthen their learning capabilities and help them form proper learning attitude and practices. Other activities will also be organized to help students think more positively, and strengthen their socializing skills and adversity quotient.

ISS-HK has been providing all-rounded services for cross border students and families since 2001. It has been working closely with numerous kindergartens and primary schools in the New Territories since the outbreak of the pandemic to address their respective needs, and has also been helping schools conduct Internal Assessments for Secondary School Places Allocation and examinations for cross-border students in Shenzhen.

“Many cross-border students haven’t been attending in-person classes for more than a year now. Many have lost interest in zoom classes, find it hard to focus on their studies and have become addicted to online games, bringing much tension to parent-child relationships. Both students and parents are in desperate need of skills to cope with the current situation as well as emotional support. The pandemic largely disrupted the students’ social and daily lives which is obviously hindering their physical and mental development. We hope that the campaign can help restore their competencies and help them adapt to school life in Hong Kong when borders reopen again,” said. Iris Liu, Programme Director of International Social Service in charge of cross-boundary and inter-country social service. For enquiries, please call 2353-6119 and click here if you want to apply for Learning Support, and here  if you would like to apply for Psychological Support. Deadline for first round of application is 14th May 2021.