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"Life Rider" Career &Life Planning Project Kick-off Ceremony 2019

With the generous support by the Home Affairs Bureau Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities& organized by the School Social Work & School Support Services of International Social Service Hong Kong Branch, 《Life Rider》Career & Life Planning Project was officially launched on November 2, 2019. 

Mr. Stephen YAU, SBS, JP, the Chief Executive of ISSHK, Mr. CHAN Pok-chi, Jonathan and Mr. TSUI Siu-lung, James, Chairman& member of the Youth Development Fund and the Task Force of the Youth Development Committee, attended the ceremony and served as the officiating guests, which made the ceremony even more glorious.

The three-year project integrates the concept ofS.U.P.E.R. (Strength-based, Uniqueness of Life Choices, Problem-solving Enhancement, Experiential Learning&Resilience) as the activity frameworkand the use of positive psychology. Through a series of activities, students can participate in the learning and experience, and finally to find their career and life path.

Six secondary schools, including Salesian English School, Aberdeen Technical School, Lai King Catholic Secondary School, Cheung Chau Government Secondary School, BuddhistWai Yan Memorial College and China Holiness Church Living Spirit College participated in the project. On the day of the ceremony, the presence of the school principals and teachersgavewordless support and encouragement to the students.

Lastly, a special guest, Mr. TO Chun-hing was invited to share his life story. Mr. TO has visual impairment when he was ten years old, and his vision deteriorated to less than 10%. The sharing is fruitful as he demonstrated how to cope with the life experiences full of challenges and he never looked down to his fate and was more active in finding his own life.