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Nov 2018

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    See you on Sunday!



    18 November 2018 (Sunday)



    Southorn Playground, Wanchai, Hong Kong



    9am               Registration for Zone B & C participants

    9:30am           Registration for Zone A participants

    10:15am         Registration Counter Closes, Game Booths to pause

                           All participants to get ready inside their specific zones

    10:30am         Warm up session

                            Kick-off ceremony

                            Guinness World Records Attempt - The Most Nationalities in a Tai Chi Class

    12-1:30pm    All Game Booths open to public



    International Social Service Hong Kong Branch



    Cultural & Leisure Services Committee, Wan Chai District Council

    Hong Kong Wushu Union


    Platinum Sponsor

    Imperium Financial Group


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    China Mobile


    Supporting Organisations

    Association of Women Accountants Hong Kong

    SkyOne Logistics Group

    Yummy House


    Notes to Accepted Applicants

    Reminder Email

    1. All successful applicants should have received an Acceptance Email and a REMINDER EMAIL. In the REMINDER EMAIL you have been allocated a unique PARTICIPANT'S ID. Please read the information and attachment in the email and print / bring along the email in your phone. Please contact ISS-HK  if you did not receive the email.
    2. Late or on site enrollment will NOT be accepted.
    3. All participants must abide by the Terms and Conditions listed at the bottom of this page. 


    Before the Tai Chi Class

    1. Please bring along your sunglasses and cap/hat for this outdoor activity
    2. Please arrive at 9am (For Zones B&C Participants) OR 9:30am (For Zone A Participants) for registration
    3. Each participant is allocated a unique participant number (eg “A1–01”) in the Reminder Email. “A1” stands for the zone that you are required to stand in during Tai Chi class. Please present the Reminder Email in hard copy or in your phone at the entrance
    4. For Zone A Particpants: You must present your valid passports at the “Sign-in Counter for Zone A Participants” to prove their nationality and sign on the attendance list. People who fail to do this will be uncounted in the total number.
    5. Please then go to the Registration Counter to obtain an event t-shirt and a nationality bib. All participants MUST wear the event t-shirt and attach the nationality bib on the front of the t-shirt for identification purpose.
    6. One-off Baggage Deposit service will be provided on event day for participants to store their personal belongings. Participants are strongly advised not to carry bulky and / or  valuable items to the venue.
    7. The MCs will invite all participants to enter their designated zones for a Warm-Up session. Please follow instructions of the organiser.


    During the Tai Chi Class

    1. The world record title we are going to create is: Most Nationalities in a Tai Chi Class
    2. The lesson will be around 30 minutes. A loud start and finish signal recognised by all participants must be used
    3. All participants must stay within their designated zones during the Tai Chi Class AND try to follow all instructions by the Tai Chi instructor to the best of his / her ability. Those not following or leaving the zones will cause the Guinness World Record attempt to be disqualified


    After the Tai Chi Class

    1. All Participants having taken part in the event will receive an e-certificate within two months after the event via email. A url link will also be emailed to participants to download pictures taken on the event day


    Bad Weather Arrangement

    1. The event will be canceled if the typhoon signal no. 3 or above, amber rainstorm, red rainstorm, black rainstorm, thunderstorm and / or landslide warning is in place at 6am on the event date (18 November 2018).

    2. When adverse weather condition happens during the event, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without prior notice. Please follow the official instructions on-site and on the event’s webpage


    Tai Chi Class Youtube Tutorial

    1. English :

    2. Japanese :

    3. Indian :


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When is the latest I have to be at the venue in order to join the event?

      As we will have over 500 participants attending, we strongly advise you to come at 9am (Zone B&C Participants) or 9:30am (Zone A Participants) to avoid waiting for long in queues. Please also note that our registration counter will close at 10:15 to ensure that the class will begin on time.

    2. If I forgot to bring my passport to the event, can I still take part?

      No, you will not be counted as a participant as it is the requirement of the Guinness World Records that all participants have to present their passports to the witnesses.

    3. If the weather is bad, will “Most Nationalities in a Tai Chi Class” be postponed to another date?

      No, the event will not be postponed to another date.

    4. Must I wear the event T-shirt to take part in the class? Can I wear my own clothes instead?

      For identification sake, all participants are required to wear our event t-shirt to take part. Our event t-shirt is short sleeved, so you may wish to plan ahead what to wear to go with the event t-shirt depending on the weather forecast. Participants can use the temporary changing rooms set up in the venue if needed.

    5. I know nothing about Tai Chi, will I be disqualified if I can’t follow   the steps during class?

      Don’t worry, our class is designed for beginners.

      You are advised to watch the Youtube video prepared by our Tai Chi coaches to familiarize yourself with the steps during the class.

      The Guinness World Records require that “Every participant… should fully participate in the attempt to the best of his or her ability”, so just try your best!

    6. Would there be a break during the 30-min class? What if I want to pause for a drink or go to the washroom?

      The Guinness World Records states that “An individual may take a short break only to consume drink if necessary, but anyone doing this must re-join the lesson within 1 minute, otherwise that individual will be disqualified from the attempt”.

      So please try to stay in the zone and follow the class as much as you could during the class!

    !!Remember to bring the true copy of your PASSPORT!!

    Enquiries: 2834 6863 /


    This “The Most Nationalities in a Tai Chi Class” Guinness World Records attempt is abided to the Terms & Conditions